The aim of Master of Legal Science Study Program, Faculty of Law, UGM, is to generate qualified graduates mastering legal science in solving legal problems occuring within the society.



Master Program of Faculty of Law, UGM, has been conducted since 1 September 1980 (Academic Year 1980/1981) as part of Doctoral Education Institution UGM and coordinated under Postgraduate Faculty UGM. Based on Directorate General of Higher Education, Education and Cultural Department Decree No. 580/Dikti/Kep/1993, starting from academic year 1994/1995 the master program was performed as Legal Science Postgraduate Study Program UGM. In accordance with the change of UGM’s status into BHMN (state-owned legal entity) as well as in order to actualize UGM as world class research university, based on UGM Rector Decree No. 89/P/SK/HT/2006, the implementation of mono-disciplinary postgraduate program is performed by faculty. Based on this provision, the Master of Science Study Program, Master of Notary, Master of Law, Master of Litigation Law, as well as Master of Health Law are conducted by Faculty of Law UGM.

In order to fulfill society’s demand, starting from academic year 2008/2009, Master of Legal Science Study Program commenced education with concentration system. Currently, there are 7 (seven) concentration, namely Civil Law Concentration (consists of Civil Law, Business Law, and Islamic Law), Constitutional Law Concentration (consists of Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, and Tax Law), Procedural Law Concentration (consists of General Procedural Law and Special Procedural Law), International Law Concentration, Criminal Law Concentration, Adat Law Concentration, as well as Agrarian and Environmental Law Concentration (consists of Agrarian Law and Environmental Law).


Vision and Mission

Vision of Master of Legal Science Study Program, Faculty of Law, UGM is to be a competitive Study Program with regards to strengthening legal science in order to serve nation and country’s interests.

Mission of Master of Legal Science Study Program, Faculty of Law, UGM are:

  1. To conduct education which internalizes in-depth academic skills which are critical, progressive, and innovative towards the development of legal science;
  2. To conduct community service with regards to improve legal knowledge and legal awareness within the society;
  3. To conduct research in order to develop legal science beneficial to the society.